614 Kilani Avenue
Wahiawa, HI 96786
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Teaching Tomorrow's Stars Today


Although at APA we are not highly competitive, we do believe in participating in competitions, as well as performing locally and nationally, to teach and learn from the experiences only gained through performing at a competitive event. We proudly encourage the students to see the positive side of competition, and encourage them in a healthy way; teaching them to challenge themselves as individuals, to do their personal best, and to grow as a team- learning to rely on your team members, as well as be reliable as a team member themselves. We do NOT encourage negativity, or any semblance of a “caste system” within our teams, in fact having won Sportsmanship Awards at many of the competitions we attend, both locally AND nationally!

ALL DANCERS WHO WANT TO COMPETE ARE WELCOME ONTO OUR TEAMS. We DO hold auditions, but they are used purely as a placement audition, leading each dancer into the team that will be the most appropriate for their level of competition. No one is turned away, if they are willing to commit to the rigorous rehearsal schedule, and team contract. We believe ALL dancers should be given the opportunity to compete, not just the ones we deem “good enough.”